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Big Powderhorn Mountain COVID-19 Plan

Responsibility of Persons


We will be following all current recommendations from the State of Michigan, the Western UP Health Department, and the CDC. Proper face mask means your mask is covering your nose and mouth.

Examples of where to wear a mask:

  • When in the lodges, including bathrooms,
  • When physical distancing is challenged
  • When in the lift lines

The only exception to the mask rule is when actually skiing/boarding and eating. Our staff will warn you once, if you do not comply you will be asked to leave.


All persons are required to practice physical distancing at all times: in the parking lot, in the lodges, and when in the lift lines. Physical distancing means 6 feet or more away from the other person.


Know before you go. All persons shall be responsible for staying informed of Covid-19 and the State of Michigan’s requirements.

Resort Wide Policies


Plan on using your vehicle as your home base. Access in the buildings will be limited. Day lockers will not be available. If you have rented a seasonal locker, you may still use it.

Please be courteous to your fellow guests and keep physical distancing in mind. If eating in the parking lot, please pick up after yourself and do not leave garbage laying around.


When checking in your lodging unit, please have only one person from your party check in. There will be no pool or shuttle available this season.


This year we are introducing something new at Big Powderhorn Mountain, drive-thru lift ticket purchase! You will be able to purchase lift tickets from the comfort of your vehicle! This drive-thru is to help with the limited capacity of the lodges and physical distancing efforts on weekends. The drive-thru is credit card only. Of course, tickets will still be sold at the ticket office in the Gun Barrel Lodge where cash and credit cards will be accepted.

Please remember, when you purchase a ticket from Big Powderhorn Mountain, you are entering a contract to abide by the rules of the resort, failure to comply with these rules may result in the removal of your ticket(s) and being asked to leave.


To help with physical distancing, season passes will be preprinted with your previous season’s picture. New season pass holders are asked to make an appointment to pick up their passes. When purchasing a season pass from Big Powderhorn Mountain you are entering a contract to abide by the rules of the resort, failure to comply with these rules may result in the removal of your season pass(es) and being asked to leave.


With the requirement for physical distancing, we ask that you make an appointment for your rental fitting. A limited number of people will be allowed in the rental area. Please have one person from your party make the appointment.


Due to COVID our Snow Sports School is not running until further notice.  We are so very sorry!


Guests will be required to wear face masks while waiting in lift lines, getting on and off the lift, and whenever physical distancing is not possible.


Bringing your own food and beverage is prohibited inside the resort. Limited capacity also means limitations on the amount of time for seating when you have purchased any cafeteria food. There will be no camping or saving tables this year. Please plan on using your vehicle or lodging unit as your home base. You will not be allowed to leave items on or around tables.

Restaurants and bars have limited capacities as per current State of Michigan, Western UP Health Department and CDC regulations. These regulations are subject to change. Take out is available during scheduled restaurant hours.

Thanks to the generous support from the city of Bessemer, we have added additional picnic tables outside between the Gun Barrel and the Caribou buildings. We will be enjoying the great outdoors like we yoosta* do!

All of these rules and guidelines are subject to change as covid regulations are updated.

*Yoosta (/yo͞os/tah) is a technical Yooper term meaning once familiar to or routine, as in, “I yoosta to be a Yooper, but now I’m not.”